Hydraloop Commercial: Bed & Breakfast


Petra Verboom runs Bed & Breakfast ‘the Boom Inn’ in Baambrugge, The Netherlands. The complete renovation of her early 20th-century dike house was completed in 2019.

I was brought up to be a responsible human being. A couple of years ago, I started to realize that every individual can make a meaningful difference. By reducing your own water and energy consumption and by doing that right now.

Since I was going to thoroughly renovate my Bed & Breakfast, it was easy to install a dual water system. The space required for the compact Hydraloop unit is very small and the connections very simple.

In the beginning, there were a few issues with my Hydraloop unit, but the support staff recognized these even faster than me via the online monitoring. And they solved everything within 24 hours.

I would certainly recommend a Hydraloop system! I am very satisfied and still happy with it every day.

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